This map was the most fun to work with because it is completely interactive and was fun to get to have a hand in the coding process.

The color breakdown of this map is as follows:
The lightest shade of pink is states that have zero sales tax.
States that are the middle shade of pink are states that have sales tax as well as the pink tax.
Lastly, states that are the purple/pink are states that have a sales tax in place but have passed legislation to not have the pink tax be applied to feminine hygiene products.

The template for this code came from a tutorial on website beaver that gave a step by step breakdown on how to manipulate an SVG map of the United States in order to present whatever content was desired. In order to get the colors that I wanted, I had to go in and change the hexcodes for the CSS. Something that I had to be mindful of was whether or not everyone would be able to see the color transitions from state to state. My dad for example is colorblind and was unable to see the differences in the shades of pink when I showed him the map, consequently I had to change the colors so that he could see the project to its fullest extent. Now the map is viewable for all audiences!
The state sales tax information was part of the code in the HTML portion. Lastly, in order to get the  information from each state to populate as the cursor rolled over code from jquery had to be used. This had to be added at the very end of all of the HTML codes.