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Because each state has a different percentage that they tax for sales tax, I thought that it would be interesting to try to show just how much this percentage varies. This was done by using colors within the same color family to show how much variation there is within a single percentage.

In the map below, states that have 0.0% sales tax are marked using a reddish/pink color.
States that tax at 4.0% are marked with a yellow balloon and darken to orange as they approach 5.0%.
States that tax at 5.0% are marked with blue and become darker shades as the percentage increases.
States taxing at 6.0% are marked with green and darken as it approaches 7.0%.
States taxing at 7.0% or higher are marked with purple.
Colorado is the outlier at 2.9% and is marked with a grey balloon.

This platform was fun to work with because the user got to place where the balloons would go as well as choose the colors of them. Additionally, it can zoom in and out from the webpage to accurately see the entire country. However, some shortcomings of it were that the balloons could be placed anywhere therefore the latitudes and longitudes have no rhyme or reason.